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BROS HOLDINGS, is a privately held family business originating in 1998 is a progressive and diversified group of companies anchored on manufacturing.


Our mission is to expand regionally, with the automobile industry in focus, while still maintaing an active leadership in our home market.


BROS HOLDINGS, through the development of each of its companies whose succesful business concepts include taking responsibillity for people and the enviroment.

Our companies

Portfolio of BROS HOLDINGS


HBC-System A/S

HBC System is the global market leader of Smart Repair products.

VAT Number: 40293728

HBC System is the global market leader and manufacturer of Smart Repair or minor damage products, operating in over 80 countries worldwide. Our product range is comprehensive and manufactured to the highest standards. As a result we are truly a global business, supplying market leading brands and enjoying international insurer recommendations and worldwide approvals from vehicle manufacturers. Our products have been specifically designed to repair dents, damage to paintwork, plastic, leather, vinyl, alloys and glass - quickly and cost effectively and in line with our repair not replace philosophy ...

As such it has a totally unique approach to the market which includes approvals from leading worldwide Vehicle Manufacturers, a comprehensive product range featuring technical and commercial training, extensive investment in Research & Development, marketing support, ROI business planning and market sales strategies. For the right partner this provides the perfect framework for the successful distribution of the full range of SMART Repair products from HBC system.


HBC Coating ApS

HBC Coating develops and manufacture world class products within the coating and detailing industry.

VAT Number: 40293698

The product range is differentiated from entire markets as HBC Coating offers both a premium professional solution and complete retail package solutions for coating and polish which allows a complete distribution model in each market around the world. By adding the unique complete solution, it allows all stakeholders to maintain the competitive edge and profitability.



VAT Number: 41776021

Danmarks første værkstedskæde specialiseret udelukkende i reparationer af såvel indvendige og udvendige kosmetiske skader på bilen samt professionel bilpleje og beskyttelse.



Chemistry & paint production for a better future.

SMARTSPRAY produce automotive paint cans for cars, motorcycles, caravans etc. The colors are produced directly by the color code of the car. The offering is a wide range of aerosols that can be used for many different purposes. The production itself fills colors and varnishes on spray cans, which can be ordered from just 1 piece. and up to 2000 pcs. per. day. SMARTSPRAY has been operating on the BTC market for more than a decade and is the leading manufacturer of automotive paint cans made specific for color codes from the consumer in Denmark.


GL. Annerup ApS

Real estate investing opportunities.

VAT Number: 31900891

GL. Annerup is a property investment company that operate according to our Growth Drivers; B R O Gl. Annerup is fully financed by private funds within Bros Holdings, which thus gives the freedom to operate, according to our ethical mindset and Growth Drivers.


Financial Service Group ApS

Finacial services.

VAT Number: 40379894

Financial Service Group are an leasing manager with a global business model offering services in Europe, the Americas and Asia. We lease across the full investment spectrum. We believe that we owe our success and continuous growth to a sustainable and unique multi-boutique approach. Our aim is to stay the asset manager of choice for our customers by continuously providing better service, better products and better investment returns.


We Link You ApS

IT development company.

VAT Number: 31900891

We link you ApS WLY Operates as the group's IT development company. WLY is responsible for the group's IT functions, operation of Internet pages, web shops and responsible for development and operation of App's for intelligent smart repair guarantee systems, Quote repair system, operations dashboard, use manuals and CE approvals of the group's products. A number of external App´s and IOT projects is in process on consulting basis.


Wheel Restore

Wheel Restoration manufecator.

VAT Number: DK39025612

Wheel Restore is a Danish producer of state of the art, game chancing High Quality Diamond Cut wheel machines, wheel blasting machines and automatic powder coating machines. All products are made in high quality constructions, built with 100% Danish, easy to use photo guided - step by step software and have 100% CE safety compliance.

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industry 3.0 proved a huge leap ahead wherein the advent of computer and automation. Here at BROS HOLDINGS, we are excited to offer IoT connections to the automotive industry.

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Growth Drivers

  • B

    Leading businesses provide strong leadership and create an inclusive environment where differences are valued and people can innovate to drive the business forward.

  • R

    Market leaders should not fear risk. They should approach it intelligently to reap its rewards and accelerate their growth.

  • O

    Market leaders consider all aspects of operations at a macro and micro level. Focused on the details, to stay ahead

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Board of Directors

Hobrovej 963, 9530 Støvring, Denmark.